Step 3

Once your bowl is resting in the center of the MycroMat.

let go of the arms of the MycroMat and slide them both together to create a seamless plaacemat...

Only thing left to do at this point is enjoy your meal!!! Your Welcome :)

How to


Step 2

Once your have your bowl securely in both hands.

Place the hanging trivet on a flat surface in-frount of your designated landing spot

This way you can drag the MycroMat flap twords you while placing your bowl in the center of the MycroMat.



Thanks to everyone for all your support and word of mouth.


Because of everyones help the MycroMat is what it is today!


If you ever have a question about anything feel free to reach out to me on social Media. Or click the contact me button at the top...


And remember The MycroMat is spelled with a Y,...Not MicroMat with an i...

Step 1

Using 2 hands and if you dont have 2 hands barrow your friends hands!

Pull grabers apart from one another.

while leaving the trivet part of the MycroMat on the outside of the microwave, reach in and form the heat resistant silicone arms around your bowl.


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